Classical Tailams Ghritam

Classical Thailam & Ghritam

We are the suppliers for Thailam & Ghritam in Bulk.

These formulations are adapted from several classical text books. Their manufacture and marketing are licensed by the Drug Controlling Authority of the State Government. The manufacturing activity is also granted GMP certification by the Government.

The principles and methodology of Thailam & Ghritam preparation are based on classical texts. However modern technological and industrial methods are adapted to possible extent. For example, basic cooking is now done in pharmaceutical grade stainless steel vessels by using steam as the source of heat. Vacuum evaporation is employed for concentration step. Several electro-mechanical equipments are used for size reduction of herbs, pulverisation, sifting, grinding, filling and packing, etc.

Similarly, Quality assurance procedures have also been adapted considerably from the methods of modern chemistry and physics.

Sr No. Name of Product
1 Bringamalaki Tailam
2 Chandanadi Tailam
3 Chandanbala Lakshadi Tailam
4 Irimedadi Tailam
5 Jatyadi Tailam
6 Ksheerbala Tailam
7 Lakshadi Tailam
8 Mahamasha Tailam
9 Marichyadi Tailam
10 Marichyadi Taila (Brihat)
11 Narayan Tailam
12 Mahanarayan Tailam
Sr No. Name of Product
13 Panchaguna Tailam
14 Pinda Tailam
15 Shadbindu Tailam
16 Kasisadi Tailam
17 Vishagarbha Tailam
18 Brahmi Ghritam
19 Phala Ghritam
20 Jatyadi Ghritam
21 Kalyan Ghritam
22 Mahatikta Ghritam
23 Panchatikta Guggal Ghritam
24 Triphala Ghritam